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Bio-Zyme Products

Offered exclusively through TRM Biologics, Bio-Zyme is your safe, effective, and economical way to restore lakes and ponds to pristine, natural beauty. Bio-Zyme produces a clean water column that helps maintain a healthy, balanced aquatic ecosystem.


Scalable Products

We have included a FAQ page that has answers to the most commonly asked questions about Bio-Zyme.  Let our experience work to help you solve your lakes problems.

The Bio-Zyme product line can be scaled and adapted to any size water body. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in treating thousands of lakes.

For large STA’s and muli acre lakes; we custom tailor a Bio-Zyme system to meet the specific needs of your project.

Different lakes are uniqe. Our staff can help you determin the right product / delivery system that fits your requirements for large projects.

Small Pond

(Up to 1 1/4 acres)


Bio-Zyme EcoSocks

Delivery System

Toss the bio-degradable Bio-Socks into the pond

Small to Mid-sized Lakes

(From two -100 acres)


Bio-Zyme I, Bio-Zyme Liquid Nitrifiers, Bio-Zyme Combo Pack

Delivery System

Bio-Generator (65 to 525 gallon tanks)

Very Large Lakes

(Over one hundred acres)


Bio-Zyme I, Bio-Zyme Liquid Nitrifiers, Bio-Zyme Combo Pack

Delivery System

Bio-Generator Back Pack Sprayer, Tank on Cart Sprayer, Air Boat With Sprayer

Are You New To Bio-Zyme?

If you are a new customer you may have questions about our product line and what you need to order.

Contact us and we’ll tailor a Bio-Zyme product and delivery system program to your specific needs.

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Products and Prices

Bio-Zyme I


Liquid Nitrifiers



Bio-Zyme I

Bio-Zyme I Powder is an advanced blend of nutrient-consuming and sludge-digesting bacteria that is proven to clean and clear lakes and ponds, it will eliminate sulfide odors. Bio-Zyme I also includes bio-enhancers (micronutrients) that help the natural bacteria in the lake produce enzymes to breakdown tied up nitrients. Bio-Zyme I has the highest concentration of bacteria in our product line. The unique combination of live bacteria and micronutrients makes Bio-Zyme I Powder the most effective lake treatment additive available.


Bacteria Concentration: 5 billion spores per gram
* Free Shipping to Continental United States.
* Florida deliveries require 7% sales tax.
Name Description Price
20 Packets 20 of 1-lb Water Soluble Packets at $33.50/lb $670.00
Full Pail (20-lb) 20-lb Bulk Pail at $32.99/lb $659.80
40 Packets 40 of 1-lb Water Soluble Packets $33.50/lb $1,340.00
Full Pail (40-lb) 40-lb Bulk Pail $32.99/lb $1,319.60

Bio-Zyme EcoSocks

Bio-Zyme EcoSocks put the maximum amount of sludge-digesting bacteria where they are needed. EcoSocks contain a special mix of bacteria and nutrients contained in a slow-release matrix. EcoSocks are applied once a month to problem areas (dead ends of lakes where sludge, and odor are the worst). EcoSocks are contained in a biodegradable burlap bag. You can tie the EcoSock to a rail or post, or stake it into the ground using the attached tether, or just toss it into the lake. The EcoSock works for a full month before it is replaced.


Price: $275.94 (Case of 6)

($45.99 each)
* Florida deliveries require 7% sales tax

Bio-Zyme Liquid Nitrifiers

Nitrifiers are specialized bacteria that attack ammonia and nitrite, and also bind phosphates. Bio-Zyme Nitrifiers are extremely powerful and concentrated. Some claim that their powders contain “nitrifiers”, but don’t be fooled. It is impossible to “freeze-dry” nitrifiers. When your lake or pond has very poor water quality, muck, sludge, and odors, nitrifiers used in combination with Bio-Zyme Powder or Bio-Zyme EcoSocks might be the only solution. This is the real thing. Insist on Bio-Zyme Nitrifiers!


Price: $174.95 per case

Packaged in cases of two 2.5 gallon jugs
* Florida deliveries require 7% sales tax

Bio-Zyme ComboPacks

ComboPacks are the ideal solution for lake and pond managers or the homeowner looking to beautify and clarify their ponds without resorting to toxic chemicals or copper algaecides. ComboPacks combine a super concentrated version of our liquid Nitrifier formula, and an extra-large version of our EcoSock.

ComboPacks include one large EcoSock and 1 gallon of liquid Nitrifier. Apply 1 ComboPack per acre monthly. Use according to directions from TRM Biologics or our authorized distributor.


Combo Pack

1 Large EcoSock
1 Gallon of Nitrifier

Price: $99.96 per ComboPack

6 Combo Pack

6 Large EcoSock
6 Gallon of Nitrifier

Price: $599.76

* Florida deliveries require 7% sales tax

Bio-Tom Plus

Bio-Tom Plus is a non-hazardous formulation developed to grow Diatoms that are beneficial to all waterbodies. Native diatoms utilize many pollutants in water to form their external shell including heavy metals. Their growth utilizes nutrients in the water, while producing nano bubbles of oxygen into the water column. One liter (33.8fl. oz) will treat up to 12 acre feet of water. Bio-Tom Plus does not contain any live organisms.

Bio-Tom is a specialized nutrient package that promotes aggressive growth of diatoms in water. As the diatom population grows they absorb nutrients, heavy metals, and salts from the water column.


Price: $144.95 per litter

Minimun Order 6 Litters
* Florida deliveries require 7% sales tax

bio-zyme warranty

The data and recommendations presented herein are based on the research of others and are believed to be accurate. However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding these data or the results to be obtained from use thereof. TRM Biologics, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the injury to customers or third persons proximately caused by the material if reasonable safety procedures are not adhered to as stipulated in the data sheet. Additionally, since actual use by others is beyond our control, no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made by TRM Biologics, Inc., as to the effect of such use, the results to be obtained or the safety and toxicity of the product nor does TRM Biologics, Inc. assume any liability arising out of use, misuse, by others, of the product herein.

Information provided herein is provided by TRM Biologics, Inc. solely for customer's assistance in complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and regulations there under. Any other use is prohibited.

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bio-zyme Technical: material safety Data

Bio-Zyme is a safe and environmentally friendly bacterial product.  Both Bio-Zyme  powder and liquid have been tested by Tender Living Care an independent testing lab. You can access the complete  report by clicking this link.

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