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Solves the Major Problems of Lakes

Too much Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Too little Oxygen

Muck build-up

Reduces Phosphorus

Reduces Nitrogen

Reduces Muck

From the beginning of time, mother nature has effectively used native bacteria to balance nutrients and manage clean water in lakes. Today, excessive nutrient overload destoys this natural balance thus creating muck buildup and unhealthy water quality.

Bio‑Zyme is an essential bacterial augmentation product that cleans the lake naturally of excessive nutrients and reduces bottom muck layers.

Bio‑Zyme is the proven, cost effective, solution to the water problem and can be scaled from a small pond to a large Okeechobee sized lake.

Bio‑Zyme Programs for Gov’t Agencies

Bio‑Zyme Programs for Professional Applicators

Jim Burney, Aquatic Vegetation Controls Inc’s CEO, discusses the major clean water issues and the role Bio-Zyme bacterial augmentation plays in solving the issues.
Amazing Transformation In Thousands Of Lakes

Bio‑Zyme Scales

Our treatment works effectively on small lakes, STA’s, and large bodies of water like Lake Okeechobee.

Bio‑Zyme is Efficient

Bio‑Zyme’s bacterial augmentation treatment decreases the level phosphorus and nitrogen at the base level in the water column.

Bio‑Zyme is Cost Effective

Dredging a STA to get rid of muck can cost millions of dollars. Bio‑Zyme can reduce the muck in the STA for pennies on the dollar and keeps the STA online.



South Florida Management District STA 1W
A 1000 acre water treatment site

About Bio‑Zyme


Bio‑Zyme is your safe, effective, and economical way to restore lakes and ponds to pristine, natural beauty. Bio‑Zyme produces a clean water column that helps maintain a healthy, balanced aquatic ecosystem.

Bio‑Zyme is not a chemical. Bio‑Zyme products are formulated with natural bacteria that compete within the aquatic environment for available Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

Bio‑Zyme also contains sludge-digesting bacteria which will eliminate excess bottom muck, and stop the severe rotten egg smell that comes with anaerobic sludge.

Proven Product Results

“Trust but verify”

-Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan said it best, “Trust but verify” when making decisions. We at TRM Biologics couldn’t agree more and we have studies documenting the effectiveness of Bio‑Zyme.

Years of Proven Science

Role Of Government STA's

A great deal time, money and political capital have been spent in developing a series of storm water treatment areas to do the work of removing excessive nutrients to create healthy bodies of water that flow to other lakes and streams downline.

STA’s are justified, needed and effective, but STAs have limitations which Bio-Zyme is specifically designed to address:


STA’s are expensive to acquire, build and maintain.

1. Bio-Zyme does a superb job maintaining healthy STA’s.

2. Bio-Zyme can lower the costs associated with needed on-going maintenance.

Sediment Build-up

As water flows through an STA,  plants remove nutrients to  clean water to acceptable levels.  

To be effective STAs  water must flow from one STA to another. STA’s are shallow, only a few feet deep. Over time organic sediment build-up reduces  the depth of the STA and reduces the flow through the STA. Bio-Zyme naturally reduces sediment build up and facilitates water flow.

Mechanical Removal

To maintain the STAs viability to clean water the STA must be maintained by removing the organic sediment. Mechanical muck reduction (dredging) can be used remove the muck and reestablish water flow.

Mechanical muck reduction is monstrously expensive, takes the STA off line and is harsh environmentally. Bio-Zyme eliminates the need for mechanical reduction.

STA's are big and expensive to maintain

Muck build-up restricts water flow

Expensive mechanical muck reduction

Having cleaned thousands of lakes over a 20 year period, Bio‑Zyme is well established as a proven leader. We help government agencies and professional applicators achieve clean water quality, reduce muck (floating muck and bottom muck), and restore a healthy balance to aquatic life.

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