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Bio-Zyme Impact on State Managed STA

25 Acre Bio-Zyme Treatment Area in a 900 Acre STA Cell
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The Objective

  1. Reduce the heavy muck,
  2. Break up the floating tussocks
  3. Improve the physical characteristics of the cell

The ultimate objective is to provide a solution to remove phosphorus.

The problem was that tussocks and muck reduced the flow and inhibit the STA’s effectiveness. Need a healthy environment for emergent plants to grow and take up nutrients.

 BZ Application using a 500 gallon Bio-Generator and distributed the incubated product in the treatment over 6 months.

total area impacted by the treatment approximated 350 acres. The entire 900 acre STA was affected with all the tussocks controlled along with significant muck reduction. Water clarity was significantly improved. Bottoms were firm. Most of the treatment benefits are still visible after 2 year.