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The Bio-Zyme System

How It Works

Unique Combination of
Bacteria and Micronutrients

The most powerful, complete and cost effective system of bacterial augmentation to reduce muck, balance nutrient levels and clean water.

Common Problems of Sick Lakes

  1. Too much Nitrogen
  2. Too much Phosphorus
  3. Too little Oxygen
  4. Muck build-up



The Bio-Zyme System

Bio-Zyme products are formulated with natural bacteria that includes micronutrient bio-enhancers that augments the bacteria in the lake to produce enzymes to break down nutrients, digest the muck, and reduce odors in lakes.



The Bio-Generator is the bacteria incubation station. It consists of a large tank where the Bio-Zyme product is added. An aerator in the tank variously agitates the bacteria multiplying it millions of times. A timer signals a pump to release the augmented bacteria product into the water body at precise intervals. 



The Bio-Zyme system is the most efficient and cost effective system to manage excess nutrients, reduce muck on the bottom and improve quality of the water.  

The Science Behind Bio-Zyme Aquatic Applications


Bio-Zyme Helps Mother Nature Do Her Job

Mother Nature In Balance

From the beginning of time, probiotic bacteria have been naturally keeping the lake in balance via the food chain. Bacteria is at the base of the lake’s food chain. Living and dead wetland plants are a substrate for the bacteria that utilizes the nutrients of phosphorus and nitrogen as food. Bacteria then is used by protozoa as food, in turn protozoa are consumed by fish and thus the nutrients travel up the food chain. This keeps the lakes nutrients in balance and the dead plant material from forming a muck layer on the bottom of our lake. Read the full study


Nutrient Overload

As time passes, people build homes, their septic tanks leak, they fertilize. Run off from farms and ranches pour additional nutrients, phosphorus and nitrogen, into the lake. Nutrient levels rise. Mother nature becomes overwhelmed.

The natural bacteria in the lake cannot keep up with the nutrient overload. As a result, a muck layer begins to build up, floating tussocks form and the water quality declines. There is not enough bacteria in the lake keep up the nutrient overload. The quality of the entire water system declines. The bacteria in the lake needs to be increased. Read full study


Bio-Zyme Restoration

Bio-Zyme helps the lake by amping up the bacteria in the lake using the process of bacterial augmentation to remove the excessive nutrients of phosphorus and nitrogen. This incorporates the nutrients into the food chain. As the lake’s nutrient levels decrease good things happen: floating tussocks and the layers of bottom muck disappear. The Bio-Zyme converts the muck’s carbon compounds that bacteria uses in it’s cell structure. The lakes come back into balance  and it’s water is clean. Mother Nature is happy again. Read full study

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