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20,000 BioZyme lakes can’t be Wrong

Created by a team of scientists and applicators, the Bio-Zyme system is a proven solution used by professional applicators and water managers to clean thousands of lakes, large and small.


The Bio-Zyme developers have over 100 years of experience managing healthy lakes


We made Bio-Zyme to set us apart so we could provide better service, maintain cleaner lakes at lower costs to the client.

If you haven’t used our system, you and your customers will love it.

Bio-Zyme is proven:

 Effective, Safe and Economical for use on golf courses.


Bio-Zyme is 100% safe. There is no harmful effects on humans or animals. Safe for golf course irrigation.

Low cost

Bio-Zyme lowers cost for reduction of muck, phosphorus, and nitrogen


Keep your lakes Bio-Zyme healthy and beautiful in championship condition.


Bio-Zyme sports a winning records a the most prestigious golf courses in Florida  

Your course must be maintained at optimal level. Golf course lakes are typically very high in nutrients which results in muck build up, loss of water clarity, and loss of aquatic life. 

Superintendents love Bio-Zyme because it improves water quality and is environmentally safe … plus it’s affordable and easy to use.

Applicators Love Bio-Zyme

The Bio-Zyme product is a patented combination of natural bacteria developed to safely augment the existing natural bacteria in the lake. The Bio-Zyme product is best used in a Bio-generator to brew up the Bio-Zyme bacteria. The brewing process increases the Bio-Zyme product bacteria billions of time, then releases the augmented bacteria at specific intervals. The Bio-Zyme augments the natural bacteria so the food chain is now able to utilize the nutrients. The augmented bacteria converts the carbon compounds and nutrients in the substrate, as food. The nutrients flow up the food chain: the bacteria are consumed by the protozoa and the protozoa are eaten by the fish.

As a result, the muck layers on the bottom of the lake are reduced, floating tussocks disappear, the snails and clams reappear. The fish population increases because the nutrients are now funneled into fish.

Bio-Zyme is environmentally safe: no need for special permits. Bio-Zyme is a natural bacteria that is already in the lake. It’s ease of use requires little special training to apply.


“We hav tried a multitude of biological enzymes in the past, but we have never seen the change in the water’s appearance and clarity like we have from using Bio-Zyme.”

Ed Miller, President Southern Weed Control Managemet, Inc.

“In Pt St Lucie we actually incubate it (Bio-Zyme) and load it in a truck and go anywhere in the city of PT St Lucie.  We got several ponds that we use it in with the incubator. You can basically load it in any type of tank and distribute it anywhere. I didn’t realize the cost effectiveness of it and I didn’t realize how fast it worked as it did I think every water body needs to have Bio-Zyme.”

 Linda DeFee, Regional Manager Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc

“I spent my whole career in resource management and I would stake my career that bacteria augmentation has a place as a key component to the solution to clean water.”

Jim Burney, past president of Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc

The Bio-Zyme product line is totally scalable to treat any size lake, pond, or STA.


Bio-GEN Sock

The Bio_Gen Sock is best suited to small water bodies under one and one quarter acre. The applicator simply tosses the Bio-Gen Sock  into the pond. The Bio-Zyme bacteria is released as the bio-degradable bag dissolves.




For larger lakes, this is the most cost effective and efficient system for bacterial augmentation. A bio-generator consists of a large tank a pump and a timer. Water is pumped into the tank and mixes with the Bio-Zyme product. This mixing incubates the Bio-Zyme product multiplying the bacteria billions of times. A timer releases the brewed up Bio-Zyme bacteria directly into the lake at scheduled intervals.


This method uses the brewed Bio-Zyme bacterial concentrate from the Bio-Generator. The applicator loads concentrate into sprayer and then sprays it on targeted lakes.

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Applicator Using Bio-Zyme

Case Studies

Case Study: Admirals Cove Golf & Country Club  Jupiter, Florida

Using Bio-Zyme for 7 years

40 acres of lakes

Bio-Zyme fist applied in 2011


  1. Reduction in muck.
  2. Now lakes have a  sand bottom
  3. Reduced nutrient levels
  4. Increased populations of fish,     clams and snails.

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Boca West

Sailfish Point

Partial List of Golf Courses Using Bio-Zyme


The Players Championship Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Players Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Timuquana Country Club, Orange Park, FL

Tolomato Country Club, Nocaatee, Fl

Palencia Country Club, St Augustine, FL

Cimmarone Country Club and HOA, Jacksonville, FL

Plantation Bay Country Club and HOA, Ormand Beach, FL

Prestwick Golf Club, Ormand Beach, FL

Oceanside Country Club, Ormand Beach, FL

Sugarmill Country Club and HOA, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Turnbill Bay Country Club and HOA, New Smyrna Beach, FL

LaCita Country Club and HOA, Titsville, FL

Grand Harbor Country Club and HOA, Vero Beach, FL

Johns Island East, Vero Beach, FL

Johns Island West, Vero Beach, FL

Red Stick CC and HOA, Vero Beach, FL

Sailfish Point Country Club and HOA, Stuart, FL

Dye Preserve Country Club, Jupiter, FL

Bears Club, Jupiter FL

Frenchmans Creek Country Club, Jupiter, FL

Trump National Country Club, Jupiter, FL

Trump International Country Club, West Palm Beach, FL

Country Club of Florida, Boynton Beach, FL

Addison reserve Country Club and HOA, Delray Beach, FL

Boca West HOA, Boca Raton, FL

Royal Poinciana Country Club, Naples, FL

Windstar Country Club, West Palm Beach, FL

Ibis Country Club, West Palm Beach, FL

Peacock Lake, Pt St. Lucie FL

PGA Marsh, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

South Florida Water Management District 1A West Palm Bseach, FL

Case Study : Dye Preserve Golf Course Jupiter, Florida

Age of course is 26 years

Using Bio-Zyme for 7 years 

35 acres of lakes

Bio-Zyme fist applied in 2011


  1. Water is clearer
  2. Reduced nutrient levels
  3. Lakes have a sand bottom
  4. Increased population of fish, clams and snails

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